XML Publishing without the Complexities

Today’s XML publishing offerings are usually large, monolithic and complex systems. In fact, they have not really changed since the introduction of the SGML standard in 1986 when document delivery platforms were print-only.

Businesses invest a lot of time, money and resources into XML publishing initiatives only to deliver their rich XML content to flat print-ready PDF. We understand that print will never go away, however a large percentage of the global population now use mobile devices to access information through the web. Businesses now need to adapt and learn how to deliver their technical documentation to over 3,000 combinations of operating systems, browsers and mobile devices.

Standards like S1000D and DITA add to the complexity. Many businesses who have adopted these standards are now asking the question … why? The technical debt and overhead of implementing these types of systems are high, while impacting on overall staff turnaround and team moral.

The eGloo Technologies’ tekReader solution is set to disrupt the way of traditional XML publishing. We believe that S1000D, DITA and others take a top-down approach by handing the uninitiated multiple DTDs/Schemas, complex data models, content management systems and more. The client then needs to understand it all, only to then throw away most of their investment on what is not needed. The client will eventually find themselves at the mercy of expensive consultants that need to hand-hold for years.

The tekReader solution takes a bottom-up approach. It is easy-to-use and is based on a simple DTD/Schema that allows the client to “ramp up” quickly. Multi-channel publishing is achieved in days, not months or years. It offers an end-to-end XML publishing solution that is standards based and, is extensible so that richness and complexity can be added to the customer’s content at their own pace.

For those who are locked in to DITA, S1000D and other complex standards, the tekReader solution offers publishing plug-ins to deliver this type of content to our state-of-the-art HTML5 eReader.

eGloo Technologies P/L offer products and solutions within the XML publishing industry. We have over 25 years of experience with structured languages and application development. From this experience we have developed a robust, yet simple solution that consists of:

  • tekAuthor: A structured authoring tool to create and maintain technical content. It is easy-to-use based on the tekReader DTD and facilitates all components inherent to technical documentation.
  • tekPublish: A tool that efficiently publishes content created in tekAuthor as well as other downstream publishing processes and XML standards.
  • tekReader: An innovative x-platform, device independent, browser-based eReader to access, view and interact with technical documents in the cloud.