Online authoring tool that brings writing teams together while promoting modular documentation and content reuse

tekAuthor is an online authoring and collaboration tool that enables the management of content within a native browser interface. It includes tekTeam and tekManage functionality.

Create and update high quality documentation anywhere and anytime. We manage the environment in the cloud so there is no clunky desktop software to download and install. Just spark up a web browser and immediately pick up where you left off through added bookmarks.

tekAuthor is template driven and allows the author to add any technical document component. Publish out to tekReader immediately or any other desired document deliver platform (PDF included).

I have used many destkop authoring tools over the years and tekAuthor is  a total game changer! It has eliminated frustrations I had using existing software and has allowed my authoring teams to concentrate on the task at hand … creating great contentDocument Manager, Water Services Association of Australia.

Save costs, save time and author efficiently and effectively using tekAuthor!



Benefits of tekAuthor

Benefits of tekTeam

Benefits of tekManage