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don stolee

Don Stolee

Managing Director

Don is the founder and Managing Director of eGloo Technologies. Since 2002 he has been responsible for formulating and managing eGloo’s strategic direction while identifying and capitalising on business opportunities that leverage the company’s experience and skills.  

Don has formed trusted business and commercial relationships with clients across a broad range of industries and is instrumental in the company’s continued leadership, growth and success. Don has formed trusted business and commercial relationships with clients across a broad range of industries and is instrumental in the company’s continued leadership, growth and success. 

Since 1986 Don has been involved with document and information management systems based on structured languages. He has been extensively involved with planning, coordinating and delivering complex data conversion and application development projects within aviation, automotive, manufacturing, defence, legal, government, pharmaceutical, education and reference. 

Don is the face of tekReader and the tek.PS online product range. He is behind the push for driving its business and commercial success. He also oversees all operational aspects and explores strategic initiatives that include partnerships and potential joint ventures. 

Before eGloo, Don was Chief Technology Officer for Spike Cyberworks and held management positions in Allette Systems and Australian Defence Industries Electronic Division (now Thales). Before his 1986 Australian migration, Don spent five years with the Canadian Department of Defence.

chief Technology Officer - Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Dave is responsible for technological leadership and direction that provides the best mix of integration, total cost effectiveness, innovation and stability to satisfy all client requirements.  

Dave is a vital part of the Executive Team and is a strong champion of industry standards and best practices. He is constantly providing vision, recommendations and a delivery model that will shape the technological strategies that support the mission and goals of eGloo Technologies now and into the future.

Dave has over 20+ of experience in delivering web-based solutions for a wide range of clients, including Toyota, UK and US government agencies and online gaming companies. Dave has developed excellent customer relationships at all levels and is a trusted member of project teams.

Clear communication is critical to the successful delivery and implementation of IT projects. Because of this, Dave covers complex concepts with both technical and non-technical audiences in a way everyone understands.

Partner With eGloo

Do you provide XML publishing services or products and need assistance entering the Asia Pacific market? If the answer is yes, we would like to hear from you.



Altova® is a software company specializing in tools that assist developers with data management, software and application development, mobile development, and data integration. The creator of XMLSpy® and other award-winning products.

Altova is a key player in the software tools industry and the leader in XML solution development tools.

We are included in the Altova Partner Program as a training partner that includes their award-winning product, XML Spy. Other products include: MapForce; StyleVision; SchemaAgent; UModel; DiffDog; MissionKit; Authentic; and DatabaseSpy.



Allette Systems

We have partnered with Allette Systems to utilise their 2-in-1 web-based authoring and collaboration tool. Document- and data-centric content can be published automatically from PageSeeder (white labelled as tekAuthor) to tekReader in the cloud.

Architecturally, PageSeeder is a complete rethink of traditional document processing tools. It is based on a rich hypertext model that encourages rigorous, innovative solutions.

Although web-based PageSeeder can support, without compromise, legacy technologies such as Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign, plus XML standards like DITA, with a focus on complex technical documentation needs.

adobe tc

Adobe Tech Comm

We are a member of the Adobe Partner Connection Reseller Program for the Asia Pacific Region. The Technical Communication suite consists of FrameMaker 2019; RoboHelp; Captivate; Acrobat Pro DC; Presenter 11.1.

Enterprise products include FrameMaker Publishing Server, RoboHelp Server 10 and XML Documentation for Experience Manager.

Since the early 90s, we have provided development, training and support for Adobe FrameMaker Structure applications within several vertical markets. In addition, our desktop structured authoring tool (tekAuthor) has been developed using FrameMaker.