Content Conversion

We provide legacy content conversion for small- and large-scale projects. Future-proofing your content has become more accessible as we do all the heavy lifting for you!

We have converted millions of pages of legacy data to various XML vocabularies. Approximately 75% of these projects have involved complex legislative data sets.

Anyone can promise 99.995% accuracy of captured or converted data, but can they even provide an agreed definition of what that figure means?

How do you know what level of accuracy is needed? How do you confirm that the data delivered meets the promised standard?

Our data inspection and acceptance testing are based on International Standard ISO 2859-1. It provides an efficient and cost-effective basis for verifying that agreed quality levels have been accomplished.


Our Approach

eGloo consistently maintains a systematic and process-driven approach for each of our conversion projects.

With higher costs associated with local data capture and mark-up, many organisations look to minimise costs by turning to offshore service providers.

We have an established track record of working with offshore service providers. Therefore, we can match the most suitable provider to fit the size and complexity of your project while managing it from start to finish.

This tried and tested methodology includes, but is not limited to:


Project Example


Client: LexisNexis Australia
Skills: XML Technologies, Data Conversion, Specifications

LexisNexis is a global leader in legal publishing. They provide authoritative legal, news, public records, and business information, including tax and regulatory publications for various multiple-publishing formats.

eGloo has been contracted by LexisNexis to provide various specialised services concerning their regional and global publishing content, processes, and standards.

Using our specialised legislative drafting, consolidation, and publishing knowledge, we have completed various projects across several jurisdictions, including New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia, the Northern Territories, Tasmania and New Zealand.

LexisNexis has acknowledged that the quality of the research and documentation provided by eGloo has been a critical factor contributing to the smooth and timely progress of projects and in containing the costs of managing overseas contractors.

We have undertaken detailed data analysis and written specifications for data migration, markup, and conversion during these projects. In addition, we have written, implemented, and maintained conversion scripts to handle a variety of input formats as supplied by individual jurisdictions for conversion to the LexisNexis XML formats.

In January 2011 eGloo developed the CaseBase Case Citator iOS application. It was Australia’s most comprehensive and current case citator, placing more than 543,000 case citations, digests and journal articles at your fingertips. LexisNexis has recently decommissioned.

" They provided highly specialised XML data translation and mark-up services "

eGloo Technologies were a sub-contractor for Unisys NZ in relation to the New Zealand Parliamentary Counsel Office Public Access to Legislation project.

They provided highly specialised XML data translation and mark-up services for one of the most complex data structures and were involved in designing complex XML data transformation tools.  The eGloo consultants brought specialised XML knowledge to our programme of work and their deliverables were always top class.

New Product Publishing Manager


Client: Thomson Reuters Australia
Skills: XML Technologies, Data Conversion, Specifications

Thomson Reuters Australia is a leading global publisher in Legal, Tax & Accounting. They deliver critical information to leading decision-makers in the Legal, tax, accounting and financial markets for online, print, and CD-ROM formats. From the beginning of 2012, several key publications were made available on Thomson Reuters ProView™ – a professional-grade eReader app for iPad and Android tablets.

Phase One of the project covered a suite of best-selling titles, including The Australian Tax Handbook; Millers Australian Competition & Consumer Law; GST Legislation Plus; Australian Tax Legislation; Corporations – Court Rules and Related Legislation; and Corporations Legislation. ProView™ titles retain pagination information from the print titles to ensure easy cross-reference to the printed books. However, ProView™ provides additional functionality for an electronic publication above and beyond a standard eBook.

Working to very tight deadlines, eGloo conducted a detailed analysis of the source XML data and the requirements for HTML5 output to support critical functionality, including pagination, cross-referencing, footnotes, indexing, and searching, and to ensure correct rendering of structures such as tables, legislation fragments, diagrams, and formulae.

eGloo has written a suite of scripts to process the source XML data and convert it to HTML5 format while generating other detailed output supporting complex data structures.

" Thanks for all the work you guys helped us with! "

Thanks for all the work you guys helped us with!

I know the team here will be looking to eGloo in the future for some of that specialist XML and eBook conversion experience.

Chief Technology Officer