XML Technologies

How content is modelled, organised, managed, stored and written is essential to a successful technical publishing platform.

Our workforce has been providing XML consultation and services since 1986. From the pioneering days of SGML (ISO 8879:1986) to current XML technologies, we successfully deliver technical publishing solutions based on structured languages to our client base.

eGloo Skills include, but are not limited to:


Structured Content

Most businesses use word processing and desktop publishing software to create technical documents. However, the content is usually unstructured, with authors worrying about the look and feel of the document.

Providing authors with a structured content environment will separate the content layer from the presentation layer and allow them to concentrate on writing.

XML promotes high-quality technical documentation that enables consistency and compliance. In addition, it improves overall authoring and publishing efficiencies through automation, end-to-end streamlined workflows, and content reuse.

Publishing Pain Points


Return on investment within 6 months!

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Automate the entire publishing life cycle from start to finish

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Efficiently store, re-use & disseminate content to multiple channels

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Eliminate staggered timelines in production & distribution cycles

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Create clear separation of content & presentation layers

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Future proof content by using XML standards

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Support for standards like MathML & Unicode

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Provide data rich content that promotes innovation

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Strengthen overall content quality, governance and compliance

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Seamless data interchange between disparate systems

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Return on investment within 6 months & beyond

Project Example

Client: Unisys New Zealand for the NZPCO
Skills: XML Technologies, consultation, project management and budgets, written specifications

As part of a large XML Systems Integration project, our work with Unisys New Zealand showed eGloo’s capability to participate in a large-scale project within a global environment and to deliver our milestones on time and within budget. 

eGloo provided specialist technical consultancy for the Public Access to Legislation (PAL) project to the New Zealand Parliamentary Counsel Office (NZPCO). 

We assisted Unisys New Zealand in preparing its successful bid to win this multi-million dollar contract and its dealings with other potential and actual sub-contractors. We had an ongoing role in liaising with and facilitating between PCO, the NZ Inland Revenue Department, the Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives, Brookers Legal Publishers, and others. 

We led a small team to undertake a specialised analysis of legislation formats and structures and were responsible for XML DTD design and ongoing maintenance of the DTDs. In addition, we provided advice on the data acquisition process of the current New Zealand Statutes in XML.

eGloo were responsible for data conversion and migration of bills, draft legislative material and other work-in-progress material from various formats into XML. 

eGloo provided advice and technical expertise relating to XML-based processes for the drafting and consolidation of NZ legislation, which involved the preparation of User and Functional Requirements Specifications and other analysis documents and discussion papers.

As a sub-contractor, we worked within the overall time frames determined by the prime contractor. All project components undertaken by eGloo were delivered within the specified time frames. The costing model of this project was complex. Several components were delivered according to fixed price schedules; data conversion components were delivered to a price schedule based on document numbers and size; general consultancy was delivered according to hourly rates.

" I highly recommend eGloo "

eGloo Technologies were a sub-contractor for Unisys NZ in relation to the New Zealand Parliamentary Counsel Office Public Access to Legislation project.  They provided highly specialised XML data translation and mark-up services for one of the most complex data structures and were involved in designing complex XML data transformation tools.  The eGloo consultants brought specialised XML knowledge to our programme of work and their deliverables were always top class.

Project Director – Unisys New Zealand