tek.PS is an innovative publishing ecosystem that includes tekReader and tekAuthor



tekReader is a cross-platform, device-independent eReader that works in any browser.

It provides easy access to industrial-strength documentation through friendly URLs. Be confident that your reader base is reading the most current version of documentation by using the same unique document URL.

tekReader is managed and maintained in a secure, fast and reliable document delivery platform in the cloud.

“The workforce is changing and even digital immigrants (those born before 1985) have come to expect to find what they need online, in formats that work regardless of device or platform.” – Standards New Zealand



Our internal content engineering team use tekAuthor to create, manage and publish content to tekReader and other delivery platforms. Underpinning the tekAuthor layer is a Component Content Management System (CCMS).

WE PUBLISH – We author and publish technical documentation in collaboration with you.

SELF PUBLISH – You author and publish technical documentation in collaboration with us.

Let us do the heavy-lifting to begin with. When ready we can hand the keys over and make the online authoring transition easier. Everything will be setup and tested in a real time production environment.

Our tekAuthor support team uses the internal tekAuthor commenting system. Provide a comment within the document and we quickly reply with a howto video and text. This approach progressively builds a sound “client-centric” knowledge base that can be accessed by authorised members.