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Providing an immersive cloud-based eReader experience for complex document composition.
Providing a cloud-based collaborative authoring environment with an underlying CCMS.

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Established May 2002

  • Managed data conversion outsourcing model for LexisNexis


tekAuthor | tekReader | tekAdmin | tekPWA

tek.PS is a digital publishing cloud-based platform for technical publications. It offers a rapid development and document delivery solution within a self-contained, secure and flexible environment.

It has been developed with an API and mobile-first strategy, is an analytics enabler, and promotes regulatory and compliant documentation.

The platform includes four components, they are:

tekAuthor: Authoring, collaboration, and underlying Component Content Management System (CCMS) for remote and in-house documentation teams. Auto-publish compliant content to tekReader, PDF and other output channels.

tekReader: A cross-platform, device-independent browser-based eReader that allows users to read and interact with technical documentation in the cloud.

tekPWA: A native application experience through the familiarity of a web browser providing enhanced performance, reliability and usability without an internet connection.

tekAdmin: A cloud management portal that enables administrative functions for configuring tekReader and tekPWA and controlling APIs.

View a recent online demo of the platform.

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