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Each business is unique and how they design, develop, and publish their mission-critical documentation varies greatly. Whether just starting out, using traditional or digital publishing methods, or just trying to keep pace with a fast-changing publishing landscape, eGloo Technologies can help with our world-class services and/or products.

We strongly believe that Content is King. The journey – creation, storage, maintenance, and dissemination of content – and its efficiency, will determine the overall strength of a document publishing platform. Using structured content (XML) will eliminate existing publishing deficiencies and provide end-to-end automation, streamlined workflows, content reuse and modularity all within an open standards environment.

With 30+ years of implementing XML publishing solutions, we use our experience to effectively collaborate with key stakeholders, that in turn, helps to execute and deliver a sound business content strategy.

We work with demanding document compositions and guarantee that all documentation is of the highest quality and consistency while meeting company regulatory compliance guidelines.

Please contact us if your business is seeking ways to improve current document delivery methods, or only just beginning.


SaaS Publishing ecosystem

Author | Collaborate | Manage | Publish | Distribute

tek.PS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) publishing ecosystem that is managed and maintained in the cloud. It provides scalable publishing efficiencies and end-user enhancements that will truly get your business on the right path to document digitisation.

We understand the complexities of technical publishing and have developed tek.PS with ease-of-use in mind. The Word-for-Windows authoring interface enables content creation and maintenance that is template driven. From the same interface teams can collaborate, track revisions and store history events right down to the paragraph level. 

tek.PS includes:

tekAuthor: Authoring, collaboration, and component content management capabilities for remote and inhouse writing teams. Work within a native browser interface while promoting modular authoring and content reuse. Unify document production with a single online technology and chosen workflow. Auto-publish to tekReader, PDF and other output channels.

tekReader: By combining smart content with the power of the web, our cloud based HTML5 eReader provides an immersive reading experience within a self-contained, discoverable, and interactive online environment. Improve document distribution and time to market while tracking and reporting on user metrics. tekReader integrates with existing cloud platforms and supports downstream cloud and desktop authoring environments.

View a recent demonstration of tek.PS.


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