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eGloo is a Sydney Australia based business that provides consultation, products and services for XML systems integration, online publishing, application development and data conversion. Our objective is to provide efficient, streamlined and automated publishing solutions based on open standards that meet the needs and expectations of project stakeholders.

Our team takes pride in establishing trust and integrity with our valued clients by maintaining open and collaborative communication channels. We are experienced and well versed in technical, business and commercial acumens that encompass small or large publishing projects.

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Secure Cloud Platform | Online Tools | tekReader

tek.PS is a cost-effective content management system and publishing ecosystem that is managed and maintained in the cloud. It provides scalable publishing efficiencies and end-user enhancments while eliminating technical document distribution issues and overheads while vastly improving time-to-market.

We understand the complexities of technical publishing and have developed the tek.PS plaftorm with ease-of-use in mind. All downstream content is published to our HTML5 eReader (tekReader) or simultaneously to other mainstream delivery platforms.

Already have a publishing platform? No problem. Investigate how tekReader can be used on its own to optimise and enhance the overall reading and interactive experience.

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