A task is an actionable item described n a discussion

A Task usually evolves from a Comment that contains properties that are associated with the Task. The properties of a Task are configurable but by default are:

  • Status
  • Priority
  • Assigned to
  • Due Date

It is assumed that the Member has permissions to create a Task and are currently using tekAuthor v6.0.

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Task Accessibility

Email notifications

When certain Task events occur, an email notification is sent to the Member of the Group who was assigned the Task.

Task access

Tasks that are created and stored in the CMS and can be accessed via:

  • The Tasks and workflows top menu item
  • The Document tasks icon (also indicates the number of Tasks in the Document)
  • The Task Comment Indicator

Task Indicators

Task indicators can be found in the table of contents.

A round orange indicator to the right of the headings allows the Member to drill down to the Task location. At the end of the drill down a Task indicator will display to the right of the heading. Select the heading to go to the document that contains the Task(s).