MBIE business units adopt tekReader for Digital Reader Pilot Project

Standards New Zealand and Building Performance (Building Codes) are business units within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Both business units anticipated the needs of their audience. They understood that the way their documents were being read, used and shared was rapidly changing.

As a result, they chose the tekReader platform for their Digital Reader Pilot projects because of its portable, dynamic, feature-rich formats.

“The workforce is changing and even digital immigrants (those born before 1985) have come to expect to find what they need online, in formats that work regardless of device or platform.

– Standards New Zealand

Both projects run between March to September 2021. During this time the business units will test the market and collect user feedback. This will help them make future decisions on digital formats.

To learn more about the pilot projects and how you can get on board, refer to: