tekAuthor Knowledge Modules

This KM contains general information and step by step guidelines on how to use tekAuthor.


The tekAuthor environment is hierarchcial in nature with a Project sitting at the top of the structure. The diagram below displays the tekAuthor hierarchy:

tekAuthor environment hierarchy

From an authors perspective the main takeaways from the diagram above are:

  • the Project sits at the top of the hierarchy
  • the Project can contain Groups
  • Groups contain Members and Documents
  • Documents contain Fragments
  • Comments and Tasks can be added at a Group, Document or Fragment

Some of the environment components will be covered in more detail throughout this Guide but this section will provide a brief explanation of:

  • Projects
  • Groups
  • Members
  • Documents
  • Comments
  • Tasks
  • Document Types
  • Labels
  • History
  • Versions
  • Notes
  • Validation
  • Processes