Learn how add cross-references and what type of display text can be used

A Cross-Reference (XRef) is a semantic link between two Documents, or parts of Documents, that can be used in multiple ways that include:

  • assembling Part and Content Documents¬†into a tekAuthor Publication
  • creating associations between Document content
  • inserting content from one Document to another as a transclusion (reuse)

Unlike links in conventional publishing systems or HTML, Cross-References are rich structures that can be customised.

Using Labels allows for specific semantics to be attached to XRefs. This makes it possible to represent document objects like footnotes, end notes, citations, etc.

Using XRefs will assist and guide Authors to adopt a modular writing style.

tekAuthor is bundled with several XRef configurations to make it easier for Authors to use them.

The videos show the following configurations:

  • Autonum
  • Autonum-heading
  • Citation
  • Cross-pub
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