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How are Cross-References added and what type of display text can be used?


A Cross-Reference (XRef) is a semantic link between two Documents, or parts of Documents, that can be used in multiple ways that include:

  • assembling Part and Content Documents into a tekAuthor Publication
  • creating associations between Document content
  • inserting content from one Document to another as a transclusion (reuse)

Unlike links in conventional publishing systems or HTML, Cross-References are rich structures that can be customised.

Using Labels allows for specific semantics to be attached to XRefs. This makes it possible to represent document objects like footnotes, end notes, citations, etc.

Using XRefs will assist and guide Authors to adopt a modular writing style.

tekAuthor is bundled with several XRef configurations to make it easier for Authors to use them, the configurations include:

  • Abbreviation
  • Autonum-heading
  • Autonum
  • Citation
  • Cross-pub
  • Definition varied
  • Definition
  • Footnote
  • Heading
  • MathML
Related Information:
Insert/edit a manual XRef

The Default XRef configuration is used when the display text associated with the link needs to be added manually. This occurs when the target destination does not provide the correct display text (link) for the associated cross-reference.

Insert a heading XRef

The Heading XRef configuration is used when the display text includes only the heading.

Insert an autonum-heading XRef

The Autonum-heading XRef configuration is used when the display text includes the heading and auto-number.

Insert an autonum XRef

The Autonum XRef configuration is used when the display text includes only the heading auto-number.

Insert a citation XRef

The Citation XRef configuration is used when a link is needed to a target destination that informs the reader that the content in the paragraph came from an external source (citation). The external source usually includes information about the author, year and title of their work.

Insert a Transclude Link Type XRef

Duplicate content is usually found in documents that make up a large document set. In tekAuthor the duplicate content can be created once and then reused throughout the document set. If the content is updated, it will be reflected anywhere it is being reused.

A content reuse strategy needs to be prepared before using a tool like tekAuthor. The reuse strategy can identify what content is identical (glossaries, tables, etc.); what content is similar; and what content is unique.

Content reuse with tekAuthor is accomplished by inserting an XRef with a Transclude Link Type.