Learn how to add tables and their associated components

Tables can be created from scratch using the menu driven table formatter in tekAuthor or tables can be imported from Word for Windows and similar authoring tools.

A good understanding of HTML table markup is beneficial because the source markup can be edited in or an external ASCII editor like Notepad++.

When tables are published to tekReader the formatting is controlled by CSS. The CSS selectors can be added in tekAuthor through the source content or the table formatter.

  • When editing the source content add a value to the data-role attribute on an HTML tag
  • When using the table formatter add a value in the Role dialogue box.

Either option will produce the class for tekReader to format the table.

By default, tekReader recognises five (5) default CSS selectors. In tekAuthor they are identified by the value of the date-role attribute on the HTML

tag or the value of Role in the table formatter. The selectors are:

  • formatA
  • formatB
  • formatC
  • formatD
  • formatE

If a value is not added then formatA will be used automatically when published to tekReader. Refer to Tables in the tekReader Guide for more information about table layouts when using the default CSS selectors. Adding a table caption is optional. If added it can be included in the tekReader List of Tables.

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