Text Formats

Learn how to add text formats to paragraph content

Text formatting can be added to characters, words, etc in paragraphs by using the Formatting Menu or keyboard shortcuts. The Formatting Menu contains the basics and allows the author to select options to apply formats, semantics, and structure to documents. 

The Formatting Menu displays when a Fragment is in edit mode. Below is a visual representation of the Formatting Menu.

The tekAuthor Formatting Menu
Formatting Menu - Top Row
Format as Heading 1Format as Heading 2
Format as Heading 3Format as Heading 4
Format as ParagraphFormat as Preformat
Add/Remove numberingInsert/Remove Numbered List
Insert/Remove Bullet ListDecrease Indent
Increase IndentPaste
Paste as plain textUndo
Formatting Menu - Bottom Row
CodeRemove Format
Insert/Edit XRefTable
Insert Special CharacterInsert/Edit Image
Formatting StylesParagraph Format
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