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How do Headings work and can auto-numbers be turned on and off?


Headings provide a document hierarchical and organisational overview.

Headings include prefixed auto-numbers that can be turned on or off. If turned on they need to be set up by the tekAuthor Administrator in the Part and Content Document Type configurations (refer to Document Types for more information).

Once the Document Type configurations are setup, the prefix/numbering will be determined by the Publication Document structure and the Heading levels that have been applied. For example:

1.1 Heading Level 2
1.1.1 Heading Level 3

If auto-numbers are not needed in a Part or Content Document, then this should be determined by the setup in the Document Type configurations. In the Removing Prefix/Auto-numbers video below it is assumed that the configurations allow for auto-numbers on the Headings but some need to be turned off.

The tekReader Table of Contents (ToC) is automatically generated from the Headings and their nested levels.

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