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How are equations added and can they be reused across Document sets?


Most technical writers grapple with complex equation creation/updating and resort to purchasing a MathML Editor add-on for their existing structured authoring software. Nothing wrong with using a MathML Editor but ASCII Math (http://asciimath.org/) is a great alternative as an easy-to-write markup language for mathematics … and it’s free!

tekAuthor offers both MathML and/or ASCII Markup to create equations. If using MathML, the equations need to be created in a MathML document and then re-used, or added into the document pages. With ASCII math the user can add the markup directly into the document pages.

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There are three (3) steps for adding MathML Equations to paragraphs. The steps include:

  • create a MathML Document
  • Add a MathML Equation to the MathML Document
  • use a MathML XRef configuration to add a MathML Equation to a paragraph

A MathML Document adopts the MathML Document Type.

The MathML Document Type is usually set up by the tekAuthor Adminstrator in collaboration with the Document Authors. Refer to Document Types for more information.